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We are a small family run business run by Ross (your Skipper) and Laura Crookes. Our daughter Elizabeth also helps - she's only 7 but makes a top boat cleaner!

Built on over 25 years of sea experience, Ross grew up alonside a fishing family in Scarborough old town. From a very young age he went to sea as a North Sea fisherman. Being one of the youngest skippers at 20 years old he has seen and experienced all that the North Sea can offer. Being away from his young family for such long stretches at a time, Ross turned his thoughts as to how to earn a living while sharing some of the amazing sights and experiences that he took for granted when fishing. Now the public can see and experience some of these amazing spectacles from our new boat.

Most people never ever see it and now there’s a chance for everyone to appreciate it!

About the Boat

Mindful first and foremost of the comfort and safety of our customers, we wanted a covered boat with comfortable seats and viewing area, offering you a more personalised service (don’t forget we offer bespoke charter trips too). Full of local knowledge both on land and sea we will take you on a visual and audio trip filled with history and wonderful sights and sounds. Our purpose built sight seeing boat enables the passengers to experience an exhilarating ride while having the comfort of an internal, dry and warm cabin, as well as outdoor viewing space. This 600+hp boat can get passengers in comfort, speed and style to and from the sights of interest to increase the chance of seeing the desired wildlife whilst also giving an exciting ride.

Explore, Enjoy!

Robin Hood's Bay

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The Yorkshire coastline is home to some of the most picturesque beaches and coastal scenery in the UK.

One of Ross and Laura's favourite spots is Robin Hood's Bay. The beach stretches from the foot of the village itself, along the coast to Ravenscar. Ravenscar is home to a large seal colony who enjoy lounging about on the rocks below the headland.

Between Robin Hood's Bay and Ravenscar you'll find Boggle Hole. There's a Youth Hostel here, with an excellent cafe which is open to the general public as well as residents. Well worth checking out!

As the boat passes Ravenscar you may well spot seals in the water. But be aware that Ross is keen to protect the local wildlife as much as possible, so trys not to get too close to any marine life. However, seals are naturally inquisitive. Don't be surprised if they come to check out the boat as it passes their home!

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Robin Hood's Bay