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North Yorkshire Coastal Wildlife

Marine Life

The Yorkshire coast is home to some fantastic marine wildlife. Seals have been fairly common along this stretch of coastline for a long time. But with a large permanent collony at Ravenscar sightings have increased dramatically in recent years.

Dolphins have also been regular visitors to these waters in recent years. The North Sea off Whitby is a rich fishing ground, so it's no wonder marine predators are choosing to visit here in search of a tast meal! Similarly, whales have been regularly spotted during the summer months.

Obivously we can't guarantee what you'll be able to see on your trip, but scroll down to find out more about the amazing wildlife we regularly encounter.

Bird Life

As well as marine creatures, the North Yorkshire coastline is home to abundant bird life.

Gulls of various kinds have made their homes in the towering cliffs, away from preditors. Migratory visitors stop off here on their way to warmer climates and with sancturies like Bempton Cliffs not far away, the Yorkshire coast is a haven for bird life.

In recent weeks White-Tailed Eagles have been spotted off the Yorkshire coast - perhaps visiting from Scandinavia.

Seals & Dolphins

The seals along the Yorkshire coast can often be seen swimming and feeding in the North Sea. But they're equally happy loungning about on land - relaxing on the rocks or sand! Dolphin and porpoises are regular seen in the water, along with the occasional basking shark and minke whale!


With some of the highest cliffs in the UK, the North Yorkshire coast is a haven for bird life. It's home to large colonies of sea birds, but also regularly visited by migratory birds from other parts of Europe. View Britain’s largest sea bird colony over 200,000 nesting birds puffins, gannets, shags and must more.

    Yorkshire Coast Wildlife

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